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    About Us

    Hebei Quyang Alpha Stone Carving Factory As one of the biggest supplier and exporter of stone carvings from China,supplying European stone statues,garden stone fountains,marble fireplace mantels,marble Roman columns,staircases,stone bathtubs,flower pots etc stone carvings.Alpha Stone Carving Factory  located at North China,to Beijing is 280km.Our goods not only sold well in China,but also popular in USA,UK,Italy, Germany,Austria,Ireland,Sweden,Austrilia, Ukraine etc countries,and our goods gained clients good comments.

        The stone carvings we only produce the hand carved stone carvings,including stone statues, marble fireplace mantels, home and garden water fountains, stone busts,stone animals,stone staircases,stone columns,stone table and bench,garden gazebos,marble flowerpots, stone bathtubs etc, we are good at reproduction the Roman and Greek classic statues,religious statues,catholic stone statues,Buddha statue sculptures, Fengshui stone carvings,Chinese traditional stone carvings,god and goddess stone carvings.Please also note we can do the customized arts in fiberglass and bronze. If you want us reproduce something,please send us the photos or drawing of the arts then we can reproduce it.

        The granite materials we cut originate from Hebei province: we work with the following granite colors: China Black, Shanxi Black,Ice Flower Green, Black and White Spot, Pink Pearl Flower etc, tiles,slabs,counter tops, and tombstone are all can be cut to size.The tombstone we produce many for Russia, Korea, Poland,Israel etc market.

      Our motto is-- The service is first, the customer is first, the quality is first.


    Quyang Alpha Stone Carving Factory

    Add:No.5 Hexie Road Dangcheng Stone Carving Zone Quyang Hebei 073100 China

    TEL:86-137311-35800 FAX:86-311-85810757



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