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    Stone Colors

    China Quyang Alpha Stone Carving Factory using but not limited to following stone colors for stone carvings and projects,for more information please contact us freely.



    Marble Colors

    Beijing White A

    Beijing white marble fireplace

    Beijing White B

    white marble bathtub

    Beijing White C

    white marble flowerpot

    Arabescato Italy

    white cararra marble fireplace

    Aran WhiteTurkey

    aran white marble

    Sichuan White Marble

    white marble mary statue

    Hunan white marble

    saint gerorge statue

    Grey wood vein marble

    wood vein marble

    Big white flower marble

    big white flower marble

    Dark green marble

    dark green marble

    Black marquina marble

    black marquina marble fireplace

    Cock red marble

    cock red marble roman column

    Sunset red A

    marble big garden fountain

    Sunset red B

    sunset red marble fireplace

    Sunny beige marble

    Egypt beige fireplace mantel

    Royal Botticino marble

    Royal Botticino fireplace mantel

    White Cararra small flower

    cararra white marble fireplace

    Vokas white marble

    volkas roman column

    Cream marfil marble

    cream marfil marble carving

    SD green marble

    green stone statue

    QY white marble

    white marble balustrade

    Grey white spot marble

    marble column

    Limestone Colors

    Classic Yellow limestone

    classic yellow limestone

    Turkey white limestone

    limestone fireplace

    Royal beige limestone Mat finish

    limestone fireplace

    Royal beige limestone Polished

    tunis beige limestone

    Thala beige mat finish

    thala beige limestone column

    Thala beige finished

    thala beige tile

    Blue limestone

    black bathtub

    Gold veins black limestone

    gold veins black marble

    Granite Colors

    Rustick yellow ganite

    granite sculpture

    Sesame Grey granite

    white granite fountain

    Pearl flower pink granite

    pink granite

    China black granite

    China black granite

    Butter fly blue granite

    butterfly blue granite

    Butterfly green granite

    butterfly granite

    GL brown granite

    brown granite

    GL red granite

    china red granite

    Travertine Colors

    Chinese light travertine

    travertine fireplace mantel

    Chinese yellow travertine

    travertine fountain

    Turkey beige limestone

    travertine fireplace mantel

    Sandstone Colors

    Yellow sandstone 

    yellow sandstone statue

    Wood vein sandstone

    sandstone stone carving

    Red sandstone

    red sandstone lion

    Green sandstone

    green sandstone

    Onyx Colors

    Yellow onyx

    If you want the materials not showed above please contact us freely.



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