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    Marble over mantel ZF-332

    Input Size:190*350*45 cm or customize
    Processed Materials:
    Marble,granite,travertine,limestone etc stones. Fiberglass and Bronze luxury fireplaces can be customized.
    Indoor decoration.

    Name:ZF-332 Stone marble over mantel

    Size:190*350*45 cm or customize

    Material: Marble,granite,limestone,travertine,sandstone,onyx,Micro marble,black granite etc stones. Stone fireplace mantel inlaid with bronze parts can be customized.

    Delivery time: about 30 days after order.

    Packing:  The stone marble over mantel has two packing ways:

    Fireplace Packing A :

           1.Solid wood  crates packed by 2*8 cm wooden slabs which need fumigation

            2.Inside the crates with enough wood chunks or foams to support the inner products, avoid goods shaking

            3.Inside the crates with plastic film to prevent water come in.

    Fireplace Packing B :

           1.Plywood  wooden cases packed by 1.5 cm thick plywood sheets which need no need fumigation.

            2.Inside the crates with enough foams to support the inner products, avoid goods shaking

            3.Inside the crates with plastic film to preventing water come in.

    China Alpha Stone Carving Factory carving marble fireplace mantels in hundreds designs,including white marble Statue Fireplace,English fireplace mantels,French fireplace mantels,luxury fireplace mantels,over mantels,any design fireplace mantels can be customized as per photo or drawing.

    The other fireplace products has black granite fireplace hearth slabs,stove hearth slabs,electric fireplaces,wrought iron wood burning fireplaces etc. 

    Alpha Stone Carving Factory carving stone statues,fountains,columns,balustrades,flower pots,bathtubs,door frames,window sills,gazebos etc for dealers and users.

    Any design stone marble luxury fireplace mantel can be customized!

    Please Feel free to give your inquiry in the form below.We will reply asap.
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